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Nowadays Smart Interior design solutions are crucial for everyone’s living and working. Italy Direct Supply is a global procurement company which makes it possible to plan and design residential, commercial, rentals and professional spaces. In addition is able to provide all the operational solutions for an efficient and cost effective implementation of your projects.

Italy Direct Supply works in partnership with a consortium of companies, whose undisputed reputation, proven international experience, and ability to satisfy all the most picky requests for materials, flooring, decoration and interior furnishing at 360 degrees, is globally recognized. Our team of professionals is well aware that all the solutions to be provided must first satisfy your BUDGET, than identify the best mix of quality, product, price and service on site.

Our architects, graphic artists, designers and engineers can provide a huge variety of design solutions and interior design. Our companies may research and produce customized solutions, kitchens, vanities, custom made furnitures, accessories, fit outs. As well as we can handle the routing and installation, provide our clients with a customized environment, following maximum functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics and even reducing Budget investments of our customers.

Explore our website and look at the portfolio of our works to understand the quality and professionalism that we provide our customers.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

ITALY DIRECT SUPPLY allows you to meet a team of experts to literaly develop your fit out solutions from scratch. We work listening your own ideas, and proposing the answers to make them true. If we convince you, we agree and go on, otherwise no problems and no charges. Definitely if you contact us, we are sure we will work together at least in some part of your project, and you will discover solutions you could not have imagined before. One of our new customer was refurbishing a 12 units XIX century building in Meatpacking New York City district. He came for few wood drawers and we got all the fit out of the building!

Typically our customer come with his own ideas and we assist him to project, design drawings and define your specs. But our top skill is creating for you the right “saving budget” alternatives. If you have already defined all the drawing and specifications, but your architects team is giving you hard times, demanding insane and expensive solutions, compared to your desired quality. Our major skill is to meet the right ratio between perception of quality and wise solutions. Our range of selected wood, resin, marble and ceramic tiles floorings and panelling, bath and kitchen countertops, vanities, cabinets, millworks, custom made furnitures and kitchens, sanitary fittings, glass enclosures, wood windows, shutters, window frames, skylights, and even high end and super tech wine cellars, is endless!

Once we define all the concept, we are able to draw your plans, build 3D renderings and physical model rooms, that of course walk together with shop drawings. We can install model rooms directly on your jobsite, or even better in one our Italian suppliers show room. This solution is the best one, we suggest, because you meet to target in once: see the quality of manufacturing and visit the plant and the production line of our suppliers. According to us that is a crucial step to bud up a trustful business relationship.

ITALY DIRECT SUPPLY can play not only the role of suppler but also installer. In our team of suppliers there are three major International GC: PHIPPS & CO Constructions based in NEW YORK CITY, but covering all United States; ESSEQUATTRO based in Italy but with offices in New York City, Dubai, Beijing and PRIME GENERAL CONTRACTORS based in London, with offices in Paris and Milan as well. Basically we build everything in Italy and we can install technically everywhere in the world.